Contrasting Ideas About Israel & The Jewish Religion

As many people know the home of most Jewish people throughout the world is the country of Israel.  However, there are many ways that Israel is portrayed by the people that live there, the people that don’t live there, and the way the media portrays it as well.  At this day and age there are many people who are not a fan of the Jewish people and also not a fan of Israel what so ever.  Many people call Israel a very religiously divided society.  An article on stated: “Nearly 70 years after the establishment of the modern state of Israel, its Jewish population remains untied behind the idea that Israel is a homeland for Jewish people and a necessary refuge from rising anti-Semitism around the globe”.  (PewResearchCenter, 1) There are many ideas of how Israel is portrayed and I am here to talk about those ideas.

The people who live in Israel and the many Americans I know who have visited Israel says it’s the greatest place they have ever been to in their entire lives and the best experience anyone can have visiting a country.  Although there is a lot of war related crimes going on, everyone who lives there or visits always feels safe no matter where they are in the country.  Israel is known for their rich heritage and culture.  In an article on it says: “While living in Israel, expatriates should take the time to explore the country’s rich heritage and culture.  Jerusalem in particular welcomes thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.” (Mendez, 1) Everyone who lives in Israel say the Israeli people are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your entire lives.  A program in the U.S that allows millions of American teenagers to go on a trip to Poland, and Israel is a life changing experience.  Although I have never experienced it myself, I plan to in the very near future.  However, I have friends that went on this trip.  This trip allows kids to experience what happened to 6 million innocent Jewish people back in 1933.  After leaving Poland, they go on and get to experience what life is like in the country of Israel for two weeks.  Everyone that went on this trip says “It changed my whole perspective on Israel and my religion as a whole.”

The way the media portrays Israel, the people who live there, and the religion as a whole is very sick and disturbing. Whenever you see something happen in Israel such as a terror attack like a bus explosion even the headlines are portrayed to make it like it was the Israeli people’s fault. Also, the way Universities are teaching kids to hate Israel and Jews is scary. You even see people today at colleges and universities with sings showing hate towards Jewish people and Israel.  In an article on it states: “A new report from George Washington University Professor Nathan Brown strongly challenges the cliché that Palestinian children are systematically taught to hate Israelis and Jews in their textbooks and school curriculum and that this incitement is a major cause of the current uprising against Israeli occupation”.  (Shah, 1) Another example of the media portraying Israel as a terrible place is the way they cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  As Israel received many rockets aimed at them, the popular media outlets such as Fox News and CNN neglected to cover that information until Israel finally shot back so those news sources can make Israel look terrible.  In an article on it states: “I blame the news sources. I blame The New York Times. I blame CNN. I blame Fox News. If you received your information from these media outlets or the hundreds of other mainstream sources, you would think the situation suddenly escalated two weeks ago, if indeed, it had not just appeared out of thin air the day before, when Israel began its latest military operation, “Pillar of Defense.” None of these sources had the integrity to delve deeper into the situation and outline the relevant facts on the ground.” (OP-ED, 1)

As we learned in class this semester there are many ways you can identify a place.  You can identify it with famous landmarks for example, the Statue of Liberty in NYC, or the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.  A place can also mean many different things to other people.  Some people call that place home, some people call it their second home.  Place is a very significant thing in our lives that can mean many different things.  However, sometimes its better not to listen to how some people portray their specific idea of that place.  Israel is a place that I like to call my second home.   Although, I have never been there, I have always been very serious when it comes to my religion and as I said before, I plan to visit Israel in the very near future.  There are not many Jewish people in the world and a lot of them get a lot of hate.  However, no matter what I am and will always be proud to be a Jewish person and I will never listen to what the news or any media outlets say about my second home; Israel because I know its nothing like the media and other people make it out to be.

Israel is one of the greatest places on earth to visit, and to live.  The media may portray is as a very unsafe and dangerous place and they also may portray the Jewish people as terrible people but I know from personal experience that the Jewish people as a community are on of the nicest, thoughtful, and sweetest people you’ll ever shake a hand with.  Although I’ve never been to Israel, I believe what many people have told me and that’s that it is a very safe and secure place to be no matter whether your visiting or you live your entire life there.



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